Monday, July 4, 2016

Traditional High/Low Dose Chemo

Donato Perez Garcia
Hospital Angeles Tijuana

Traditional High/Low Dose Chemo

– Only uses Chemotherapy.
-Traditional Chemo, either in high or low dose, will attack healthy cells, as well as cancerous cells.
-The patient’s level of toxicity will increase and the side effects will decrease the patient’s quality of life.
-Chemo remains in the Extracellular fluid, waiting until cells open up and ingest the anti cancer drugs.
-Because traditional chemo attacks good cells as well as cancerous, the body is weak; the immune system is slower, leaving you unprotected from cancer agents spreading.
-The intervals between Traditional chemotherapy are longer and takes more time for patients to recuperate, extending the length of treatment, and inevitably more expensive in the far future.
– You’ll only get very strong medication, nothing to complement the body’s true healing system.

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